How to re-enable disabled YouTube AdSense account? | YouTube AdSense disabled issue 100% sloved

How to re-enable disabled Youtube AdSense account? | Youtube AdSense disabled issue 100% sloved

This Post Have 3 Important Methods :

  • Method 1 (primary)
  • Method 2
  • Method 3

Follow Bellow Method And Steps Carefully:

Method 1 :

Step 1 : First go to


Step 2 : Login your YouTube Account ( which YouTube channel monetization is disabled ).


Step 3 : Then Go to channel =>Status and Features. you can see there monetization is disabled screen. like bellow screen.


Step 4 : Now change this url to and reload the page. (edit url remove features add account_monetization)


Step 5 : If You get bellow this screen, you can Easily re enable Monetization to your youtube channel.


Step 6 : Otherwise If You Get bellow this screen follow Method 2 to fix this problem and join here and continue. ( don’t worry you get this screen you can also re enable your monetization account )


Step 7 : After the 5th step, Please go to this link change the AdSense account associated with your YouTube account.


Step 8 : Then you get bellow this screen,

                    Adsense Id :     3651826150287061

                    Status          :     Inactive                                                        Confirm your adsense status is inactive.


Step 9 : Then Go to Method 3 and create new account do some settings there. and come back here.


Step 10 : Once Your new Adsense account is activated. Then click change.Then you redirected to google account login page.


Step 11 : Then sign in with your new gmail account(which one is Adsense Activated)

Step 12 : After that you will redirected to adsense account and verify your youtube channel id and click Confirmation.


Step 13 : Now Your New  Monetization is Enabled to your YouTube channel. 


Step 14 : Thank You…!


Method 2 :

Step 1 : If You get this screen follow these steps


Step 2 : First go to your and sign in your account.


Step 3 : If you get this added two YouTube monetization in one adsense account so this problem was shown here. you must close one account


Step 4 : Then click confirm and click Submit application.


Step 5 : Then You get this screen

Step 6 : Then Go to your google my account settings


Step 7 : Then Go to personal info then change your name and remove your phone number.


Step 8 : Then go to Payments & subscriptions


Step 9 : If you add any payments method click edit and change your name and address save it.(govt id proof address). then you get this mail. payment method is changed.


Step 10 : Then wait for confirmation mail. It take maximum 3 to 6 hours. it take for me 3 and half hours.

Step 11 : Method 2 is done here. Now You go to Method 1 follow those steps.

Method 3 :

First Create New Gmail Account :

Step 1 : In This step You must create new gmail account Go to


Step 2 : Then click Create new account


Step 3 : Enter your new profile details and open new account.


Step 4 : don’t use old account details here. ( like phone number,name,address.)


After Created New Gmail Account :


Step 5 : Go to


Step 6 : Login there with your new gmail account.


Step 7 : And Create new YouTube channel with new gmail account.


Step 8 : Then Go to Channel => Status and features.


Step 9 : Then click enable monetization.


Step 10 : And complete first 2 steps.


Step 11 : In the 2nd step you will setup new adsense account with new gmail account.


Step 12 : Then you will get bellow this screen.


Step 13 : After adsense account created you get this screen on your adsense account page.


Step 14 : After account created wait for account activate. You will receive conformation email within 10 to 12 hours. so until don’t do anything.

Step 15 : After verified your Adsense account go to Method 1 and follow instruction there.



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