This clip uses an unsupported video profile – Fix kinemaster error

Fix This clip uses an unsupported video profile on kinemaster

Step 1 : Download and install VEdit video Cutter and Merger from Play Store.

Step 2 : Then open the app and select Video Trim option.

Step 3 : Then select unsupported video on your file manager.



Step 4 : After that click Next then select Re-encode(more accurate) option.

Step 5 : Then Click Change button on video settings.

Step 6 : Then click edit.

Step 7 : In the edit section you must change below these settings.

  • video format :  mp4
  • video codec  :  h.264
  • Frame size   :  1280 x 720 (720p)

Step 8 : Then click done and save it.

Step 9 : Then click cut & Save and enter new video file name and click done.

Step 10 : Now video is Ready. To work on Kinemaster

Step 11 : Now import that video on Kinemaster. now video will support on your Kinemaster app.

Step 12 : Thank you…


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