How to Remove/Disable/Stop Ads from Redmi Note 5 Pro Mobile

Follow these steps to Remove/Disable/Stop Ads From Redmi Note 5 Pro

Bellow these steps are my mobile settings… these way to i disabled ads to my mobile.

Redmi have default apps example themes, downloads, file manager, mi video player…etc these application are have ads. so follow bellow these steps to permanently disable ads  from your mobile.

Step 1 : Open Downloads app => click on three dots and select Settings =>Now disable Show recommended content
Step 2 : Now open File manager => select Settings option => Click on About and disable Recommendations
Step 3 : Open security app =>app will gives popup message to grant authorization just click on Exit =>Select Settings and disable Receive recommendations
Step 4 : Open Music app => Settings => Advanced settings => disable Receive recommendations
Step 5 : security => settings => cleaner => turn off receive recommendation
Step 6 : mi video => settings => turn off online recommendation
Step 7 : mi browser => settings => privacy and security>> turn off receive recommendation
Step 8 : mi browser => settings => advanced => top sites => turn off recommendation

You must disable above these apps recommendation settings. after you do that ads will stopped form your mobile. Thank You… This post will helps you.


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