How to add/install Custom Fonts in Kinemaster?

How to add/install custom fonts in kinemaster?

Step 1 : Download kinemaster and Apk editer pro app

Download kinemaster pro

Download apk editer pro

Step 2 : Go to your chorme browser and search url Then download fonts.

Step 3 : Then open Apk editer pro application.

Step 4 : Choose Select apk from app.

Step 5 : Then choose Kinemaster app.

Step 6 : and choose Simple edit.

Step 7 : Then Choose assets folder.

Step 8 : Choose .ttf extension and click edit option.

Step 9 : Then select new font from your file manager.

Step 10 : After selecting font save it.

Step 11 : After saved successful install the app.

Step 12 : And run the app.

Step 13 : Now your New font added into kinemaster application.

Step 14 : Thank You…

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